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    Default L3030 Laser Engraving Machine

    Has anyone out there bought a Vevor L3030 Laser Engraving Machine and actually got it going using their downloaded software?

    It was hard enough assembling the machine using their diagrams, then dis-assembling parts because their sequences were all wrong, but now I've found that the screen on my laptop doesn't look like what is indicated in the instruction manual.

    The other problem I've got is that there was a USB in the package, but it wasn't mentioned in the parts list. There is also no reference to it in the manual. It has a sticker on the outside with "TF Card Reader. Not U-Disk". When I plug it into a USB Port, the laptop "dings" as usual but doesn't recognise that a USB has been plugged in.

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    Sorry, can't help with the laser engraver, but the description of the "USB" suggests that it a memory card reader/writer. These basically look like a USB memory and have similar interface electronics built in which would provide most of the info for a computer to recognise the device. The major difference is that instead of having memory chips onboard, they have a slot where you can install whatever sized memory card you have available and wish to use.

    The message affixed says that it is a TF Card Reader, not a USB Disk. TF is an alternate and now more common name for a a Micro SD card, often supplied in a blister pack with an adaptor to a fit a full size SD memory card. Closely examine the device you have looking either for a short narrow slot to accept the micro card, or a detachable cover over a slot to enclose and protect a micro card, as they are fragile and can be easily broken if left protruding from the slot.
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