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    Default Are you affected by the rain and have a leaky roof

    When you get the rains we've been getting and you have a tile roof the odds are it isn't watertight, especially in high winds, and you'll find wet spots forming on your ceiling. And if you have attic insulation that's an even worse concern. To catch those drips, place particle board across the ceiling joist(s) in the attic. Probably want to pre-cut to 700mm by whatever will get through the access hole. Not MDF, plywood or melamine board but raw particle board. It readily absorbs water and if not disturbed (or stepped on) will maintain its shape for years, and it can hold a lot of water. When the rain stops and the sun comes out and the attic temp skyrockets, it dries out ready for the next deluge. Every few months check it for soundness and replace as needed.

    When dry then you can check for fixable issues.

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    How timely.

    We're in a rental with a very low pitched corro roof. The ridge-cap is too narrow and every time it rains we get 'splash-back' up and over where the corro has been bent up under the cap.

    It has taken me two years of chasing damp spots on ceilings to finally narrow down these 'leaks.' The owner's handy-man is still scratching his head about it.

    Considering particle board costs... about $50 for a 2.4x1.2 sheet, I reckon I could line under a fair length of the ridge-line cheaply enough to warrant putting it to the test. If it works, I'll sacrifice some mouldy insulation at the altar of your choice.

    (Of course, the real answer is fitting the correctly sized r/cap but I don't see the owner going there.)
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    kitchen makers often have seconds and cover sheets for free or nominal prices. It's often melamine faced or mdf but I've seen a fair bit of chipboard also. Worth a look gumtree fb marketplace etc...

    I despise tile roofs, always have. Long before I owned a house.
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