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    Default Wiring a painting

    I had to wire 6 paintings. I can now to it in 80 seconds.

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    Mmmmm. Well, professional artists need to hang their work quite differently to that. The cross-wire hang is OK for single-point hanging, if you do not mind continually straightening the works. Much better hanging systems drop two lines (from a rail at the top) for each work. Those lines each have a hook that connects to a D ring or triangle ring on the artwork. Just how high up the side of the frame that ring goes is determined by the hanging system, the artwork dimensions and its mass. For example, in a recent show we hung the paintings with the rings above the top margin because the small, light-weight paintings, coupled with the high ceiling hanging system, meant that was the only way to get the to lie flat on the wall.

    Soooo - not so simple really. It is important not to be glib.

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    I will never allow you to scrub the faces of my paintings against your raw workbench.

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    Good point Robson Valley

    Quote Originally Posted by Robson Valley View Post
    I will never allow you to scrub the faces of my paintings against your raw workbench.

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