Made a Jig and tried to simplify the measurements on a Christmas Tree i have seen others do a little differently..
Made mine with an Optional Removable Shelf also.

Made a video doing the first one on a sled/jig if anyone is interested, included a little of the glueing and such so even I could have made one after watching it! lol
End of video has a photo with measurements on it also.
Wood Christmas Tree with Optional Shelf! - YouTube

I'm a Beginner, so if you have any tips or advice to make it better let me know!
(beyond the video and audio..i'm trying to learn how to do all that and edit

I did it with Text instead of talking, as my "shop" is currently on my front porch, and I have a road right next to me.. mute it if it's to noisy!

It's 14 1/4" tall, and about 13" wide at bottom
Used $2.30 fence pickets I got at Lowes.
Ripped down to 2 1/2" wide.
Think I can get 3 trees from one picket? Or close.
Did Parallel cuts on the bottom 4 side pieces (all same size)