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Thread: Copper nails

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    Default Copper nails

    I have 5 to 6 kgs of copper nails and roves i would like to sell, they are all sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inch and a few larger and have to be 60 yrs old.
    Could you guys answer a few questions for me please

    [1] Would i sell as a Lot or in small quantities

    [2] Some nails have blue oxidization on them, are they useless or can they be cleaned up [molasses maybe]

    [3] The roves have only a small hole, is this normal, I did a test on 2 bits of ply it was easy to drive the nail through the rove.


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    1) Depends what you want to do. You might have more luck selling as lots, but might not clear them all.

    2) The blue oxidation shouldn't be too much of an issue, assuming that it is just natural exposure/tarnishing and it's not weakening the fastenings.

    3) Roves come in different sizes, just as nails have different thicknesses, but yes, they should always be smaller than the nails they fit onto. The roves are driven onto the nails once they're through and peened over, so need to be a tight fit. I haveused, for instance, 2mm nails that have had 1.8mm roves.

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    So do we have a price??
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    I will take photo's for a add in the Market Place give us a week or so.
    Claw Hama I was thinking about half the new price

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