Doing some carpentry to pay the bills. This house had and extension added and the clients asked me to add the batten skirts to six bays to match the original house. They're made from roughsawn hardwood and hardwood fence palings ripped to width. More time went into prepping and painting the bits than in the assembly and installation, but I got my estimate almost bang on right. I jig up on a knock down table to do these and all the balustrade panels I make on site. The large panels are 2500mm long and since I work alone because I have no friends and no one will work with me I clamped plywood ledgers to the posts to hold them at the correct height and position to skew nail to the posts. Then the battens were also screwed to the beams of the house.

These batten skirts are also called eyebrow battens or valence battens, you know any other names?