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    Default NS14 Northbridge Senior boat plans

    Hi. I am new to this but am looking for plans to build a Northbridge senior sailing boat. Any suggestions welcome. Many thanks, WarwickG.

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    Hi Warwick and welcome to the forum.

    As far as I know the NS14 is a "development" class, i.e. not built to any particular set of plans with builders having the freedom to experiment and develop their own hull designs within a specified dimensional envelope. There would have been almost as many different hull shapes as there have been boats built, and detailed plans were quite likely never produced for most of them.

    There were many fine wooden examples back in the 70's and 80's although it is many years now since I have seen one. All modern boats are exotic composite construction and with quite complex hull shapes. I doubt you could build a wooden one to modern lines even if you could find a set of plans because the curves would be too complex. (not easily anyway)

    Only suggestion I can make is to contact the class association and see if they have better information. Your best option might be to track down an old retired wooden hull and refurbish / restore / re-build it such that you end up with a "new" one.

    The NS14 sure is a spectacular boat. Great fun to sail I expect - never had the privilege myself but used to race against them in a mixed fleet. They were fast!

    Good luck anyway.

    Cheers, Cameron.

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    Hi Warwick,
    have just part restored an early (1967 ish) NS and like Cameron said that's pretty satisfying. I have also found a 1970 approx "Australian Boat plans" book with an NS plan in DIY plywood. Its not very clear but I can scan and post it here for general info. We launched our boat for the first time in nearly 25 years on wednesday and it went really well. A current NS skipper took it for a run and was hugely impressed, given we had not tuned the rigging at all and it has the original sails. I'll post pics of our boat as well as the plans so you can think of options.

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