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    Quote Originally Posted by Boatmik View Post
    Quite like the Garside boat AD,

    However it is designed from the ground up to have enough extra stability for a sail.

    Stability means hull volume in general.

    Hull volume means windage.

    Windage means it is hard work to keep the boat on line when it is blowing.

    Take some of the volume out by narrowing up the boat and it starts to look quite respectable as a rowboat. Reduce the freeboard a bit.

    But nice qualities of the Gartside are the double ended hull.

    Reading the blurb it mentions his "Flashboat" - which is a name I recall from the early days of Woodenboat magazine. It appears at the top of the same page.

    That one is a bit closer - nice narrow waterline - but to my mind all that flare is going to mean that waves will like to roll it around quite badly - I think that to squeeze the beam down further would make it an easier boat in rough water. But you lose the spread for the oars - but you could still use 7ft6 or 8 footers at 4ft beam.

    Actually that puts me in mind of the first boat I ever built - A Francis Herreshoff Rowboat.

    Here is a pic off the net

    And a whole gallery of building one is on the net.
    Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory is under construction
    this is one of the images and shows the hullform

    Plans are in John Gardner's "Building Classic Small Craft" - I think the State Library has a copy of his earlier work which was in two volumes. Not sure which of the two had this boat in it.

    But Gardner is well worth reading - so why not get the book? It is a cheap way of getting a bunch of plans. I built the bottom out of 9mm and the sides out of 6mm. Eliminated the ribs and put in a couple of frames at the seat stations.

    The curved sides will give it a much more relaxing stability curve than a dory which are pretty twitchy beasts by comparison unless they have similarly curved sides (but then one would have to argue that they are not "really" a dory - hehehe!

    Would be interested to see what PAR might suggest - his country is much more serious about human propulsion that ours is.

    Also while looking for the rowboat link I found this ... a thread that talks about open water rowing. It goes on forever - but might yield some boat designs to google.
    Open-water rowing Top Level

    Best wishes
    Michael Storer.
    edit: apologies ofr resurrecting an old thread

    John Gardner's book is highly recommended, I once built one of his (non-sailing) swampscott dory's. Used ply with a couple of oak wear boards on the bottom. With modern building methods it can be built rather light.

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    An old thread, but a worthy one.

    Since I have designed a couple more rowing boats in the Drake Series, the Drake raceboat 18 and 20.

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