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    Default Wagner Flexio 690 Extra Spray Kit any good for door frames??

    looking for a way to spray doors and door frames as i waste soo much time with a brush and roller it frustrates me.
    i will use a polyurethane type paint on the doors and frames and want a good finish, will this gun work or not for it?
    Flexio 690 - the perfect all round indoor and outdoor painting project sprayer

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    I've used an earlier version of much the same machine for water based interior and exterior paints and it worked okay on cornices, wall corners and weatherboards with pretty consistent coating on these angled surfaces and way quicker than tradtional brushing. Maybe not so good on broad flat surfaces like walls unless you get your technique correct as careless overlapping can lead to runs. Doesn't produce a lot of bounceback / mist like some other sprayers around same level. The key to success is more in mixing the paint to the correct consistency (don't believe the "goes on easy straight out of the can" advertising) and especially in cooler / cold weather heating the paint by soaking the tub in hot water for better flow.

    I didn't try it on doors as I'm happy to roll and tip and didn't want to take the doors off and set them up for spraying elsewhere. Forget about spraying them while hanging on the jambs. Protecting surrounding areas from overspray will take forever.

    Spraying jambs and archs in situ is okay with a fine control narrow spray, but by the time you remove and replace the hardware and cut in on the walls around the archs a brush and or small roller works out about the same, with more control and less mess.

    Can't say how it'd go with polyurethane, especially oil based as I don't have the patience to clean up sprayers after using oil base. Might go the same as other water based paints if using water based polyurethane.

    The version I used was the big pot, not the gravity sprayer in the Bunnings link you provided. No idea how the gravity sprayer would go but presumably it's intended for finer work and better for a smooth finish on a door, but [not just] Wagner products often don't live up to their advertising and videos on how easy it is to spray trade quality finishes with no experience and less than trade quality sprayers.

    I expect that for a fine finish you'd want to follow the usual process of many light coats rather than a couple of heavy ones, and maybe light sanding between coats.

    If you don't have much experience with sprayers, load up with lots of cardboard sheets from beer cartons etc and flatten them out and experiment on them to get a feel for spraying and especially to set your fan pattern and flow rate correctly.

    At least Bunny's has an easy return policy if it doesn't work properly, so you could take a risk buying it knowing it can go back if it doesn't do the job.

    If you're spraying over already painted or primed doors, you're going to end up with pretty much the same level of finish texture as you started with unless you're sanding between coats. A quality short nap roller does a similar job a lot quicker.

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