nearly every paving guide talks about putting compacted roadbase under the pavers as a sub base, then about 30mm of sand as bedding... but some don't specify the gravel/ roadbase layer - they simply opt for compacted subsoil, and then a bedding layer.
So here I am digging out the crappy grey sand which passes for soil in my part of WA and I've come across the compacted yellow brickies sand I paid to have put in as part of the pad prep. This is 300mm thick, and compacted with one of those BIG industrial compactors (weighs about 1T) - the sand would pass for weak limestone, or weak concrete.
it seems silly to dig this out and replace it with roadbase and then recompact it... especially since my compactor is only one of those smaller domestic types which weigh around 50-60 kg.

does anyone know what i should be doing here...
where the compacted yellow sand has not been done (the last meter of the proposed paving) I've dug down 300mm and will either fill with roadbase, or compact brickies sand in 50mm lifts up to the level of the bedding sand.
The bedding sand will be the proper 30mm thick screeded layer as per every guide i've read.