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Thread: Cherry Ballart

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    Default Cherry Ballart

    I was wondering if anyone has experimented with the timber from this small tree?
    It's botanical name is exocarpos cupressiformis, belongs to the sandalwood family.It seems to fairly durable, lying on the ground for a couple of years or more before showing signs of breaking down.

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    Looking on the net tells me that it has been used for furniture, gun stocks and tool handles so that seems to confirm that it is a useful wood. Also on the net it tells me that it grows to 8m tall, I must admit that although it is very common here on the NSW South Coast I have never seen it anything like that size.

    I suspect then that unless you are prepared to mill your own you possibly won't find it available in a timber merchants as there appears to be no commercial use for it.

    Nowhere I've read does it give a green density or an air dry density or a strength for this timber, Keith Bootle's excellent book "Wood in Australia" makes no mention of this wood either.

    Do please let us know how you get on with it.

    Harry ... oh yes, when I was a kid I liked eating the little cherries.

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