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    Default Distinguishing treated timber from nontreated

    Aside from the look of it, is there a fail safe way of distinguishing treated pine from non-treated?

    Reason is Iíve just picked up a small load of 90x35 which is pre-loved but in very good shape. I would like to use it outdoors but itís already a bit weathered and I canít tell whether itís treated by looking at it.

    Apologies for unnoticed autocomplete errors.

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    Hi Arron. Usually, the timber will have grading marks stamped on it (MGP10). If it is treated it will also have H3 printed alongside. Or it may have plastic labels stapled to the end grain indicating the same. The old CCA had a real greenish tinge to it. The new LOSP can be a lot harder to tell (they have stopped dyeing it green) but cutting it will release the naphthalene smell. Hope some of this might help.

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