Below are list of span and framing tables, etc

Span Tables Using Commonly Available Stock

This pdf File was kindly worked out and posted by bpj1968 using Timber Solutions Software. (his Mum called him Brian)

Joist and bearer table.pdf

His notes and comments are as follows:

I tried to make it as idiot proof as possible
I calculated these using Timber Solutions software.
I only used F5 treated pine to calculate, and the most common sizes.
The bearer table I think is the easiest to use, as you select the size joist you want, and then can match it with the bearer to work out your calculations.
EDITOR'S NOTE: 90 x 90 are not approved for use as Bearers
NOTE although 90x90 and 140x45 bearers are listed these DO NOT appear in any span table I have been able to find.

Usual disclaimer - I tried to be as accurate as possible, but take NO responsibility

Steel In Housing - Including Steel Beam Span Tables


Span Tables - Lower
Span Tableslower.pdf


Span Tables - Floor
Span Tables floor.pdf


TDA Pine Span Tables
Pine Span Tables TDA.pdf


DRP Floor Span Tables
DPR Floor Span Tables.pdf


Framing Tables - Wall

Framing Tables wall.pdf


Framing Tables - Roof

Framing Tables roof.pdf


Span Tables - Bearers - Joists -Domestic Balconies & Decking

Allseasons Span Table Set.pdf

Span Tables - Treated Pine - Decking

Deck Span Tables Treated Pine.pdf