Greetings Chaps!

A few weeks ago (before the Monsoon really took hold up here...), I saved the "Draft"-version of an item that I was feeling my way towards selling on eBay (It would have been my first...). Only thing is - I now can't find the saved-draft in question anywhere! (I'm definitely "logged-in", and I think I've looked everywhere...).

So... Do these saved-drafts go and hide somewhere really secret after a while, or do they just disappear altogether?

T'would be a shame if it were the latter, because there would surely be plenty of cases where Sellers would want to list a group of related items (eg. a Welder, a Helmet, and a Cut-Off Machine) at the same time (but as separate items), but might get distracted along the way before they had worked-up nice descriptions and pretty pictures for all of the items in question.

Is there something I'm missing, or do folks generally just save their drafts as Word-Processor files, before uploading descriptions and photos into their account in one big hit?

Many Thanks,