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    Default Can large bandsaw blade in jig cut small circles

    Hello, looking at the bandsaw circle cutting jig, I am used to cutting large circles on this with a 3/4 blade. The workpiece rotates on a pivot in the centre point location.
    Can anyone advise if a 3/4 blade on this type of jig would be suitable for cutting, say, 75 mm diameter circles? Or would I have to change to a smaller blade, which I am reluctant to do having finally set up the 3/4 blade nicely for veneer re-sawing. I am sure most of you would understand



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    From my limited experience you would first have to freehand cut off most of the surrounding excess.
    Then just finish off with the jig.
    I recently cut two 185mm circles with a 19mm blade using a pivot jig and it was a good learning curve.
    I persevered because they weren't to be masterpieces; but they were too small for a jig with a 19mm blade.
    I had to cut off a lot of excess.
    My suggestion, practice cutting off most of the excess freehand, then try it.
    Good luck, and let us know how it works out.

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    Bite the bullet. 19mm blades are not intended for cutting round . . . too much back of blade involvement, think burning.

    Back to the 6 or 10mm blade for 75mm diameters.

    The set up for round cutting is different than straight veneer cutting any way, you have to allow the blade some flexibility.
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    This sort of diagram is all over the internet - this one is from the carabatech website

    What its basically saying is the a 3/4" blade can cut a circle with a radius no smaller than about 140mm.
    My experience is you can goa bit smaller than this but not much - certainly you would be able to get to A 75mm diameter.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 7.12.44 pm.jpg

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    I made a circle cutting jig for my bandsaw shortly after I got it but rarely use it now. I found it was very hard on blades and i would get a lot of drift after a few good cuts. I have since read about it a bit more and it makes sense that the constant angle of attack will wear the teeth unevenly.
    Like many woodturners I think, I now make a few straight cuts to take the corners off (roughly) and it only takes a minute on the lathe to get it round.
    I think I would use a jig if I needed a one-off nice circle in flat timber, but dont intend to use it routinely any more.


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