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    Default Tracmach Great Southern

    Sot sure if this is right place...move as needed.

    EDIT: The first half of this post we will try again.

    So yesterday I woke up with a hangover. I had won a golf tournament with some mates on Friday and laid it on a bit. I am definitely getting too old for this .

    So Saturday I woke up and could not face another round of golf. The other half says "you want to go to the Tracmach". Do I want to go to a show with heaps of old tractors farting and grunting, ploughing up some field, smelling the fumes and listening to some old bastad on a loud speaker trying to figure out what was happening with a 3 year old in tow....with a hangover....sure why not.

    Now I am not one for all the machinery but it was damn cool to see the old machinery lighting up. Tractors from the early 1900 where present and there was a HEAP. I know because my kid wanted to sit in every damn one of them. Mind you the guys (both young and old) standing near their pride and joys loved it seeing a little guy pretending to drive them. A few even fired them up for the little bloke and he loved that. Instant friends. Couldn't shut him up about it. So I am walking past the tractors, vintage bike club display, vintage cars and this awesome display of old pumps and chainsaws thinking, could be worse days. Then I see the boot sale. I didn't take any cash as I was not sure what to expect...boy was I lucky.

    The first one was just an old guys collection of old tools for sale. A few older wooden block planes (real good nick), some other odds and ends and a few more planes. A bit overpriced but there was nice stuff there. And then I went into the main area.

    There was quite a few "antique" displays, old tools, farmers with tools on the back of utes..collectors, wood workers (signs, toys, reclaimed wood etc), the odd "bargain" stall with some interesting items and a display by the WA Handtools Association (I think that is what it was called). Fantastic I got stuck in, asking questions (I am real new so this was a great resource), putting my grubby hands on things. In all honesty, it was great I left my cash at home, I would have come home with a HEAP of stuff. Big thanks to the guy at the WA Handtools stall, was great to have a chat.

    I ended up snagging a very nice Spear and Jackson 26" ( I think that was the size) Panel saw. 7TPI Rip blade. Still had the cardboard sleeve on it. Hardly been used. Bought in Kojonup back in the 70's from another second hand store. Still sharp, grip was a bit off colour but nothing out of much mate...$15...DEAL DONE. Considering for me anything is at least $15 postage...bargain. I look over and see some old hickory golf sticks at the same time another guy spotted them. I wander over and touch a golfer...I wanted them. The other guy asks a price...$50 for the lot...6 of them...I nearly fell over. This guy nearly threw his elbow out getting his wallet out of his pocket....jeazus that was a deal.

    But there was some nice stuff there at a good price, also some bad stuff at a high price, but it was fun. I talked myself out a very nice bit brace for $ was nice and walked away. I had no real cash left.

    So if your ever in Albany and the Tracmach is on...its not a bad $10 for a few hours. I will be back next year with a bit more cash

    Tracmach Great Southern 2019 | City of Albany
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    I edited the first post. Half of the post had disappeared...and it made no sense at all, so I edited it back in.

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    Slothman, the group you refer to as the WA Hand Tools Association is in reality The Hand Tool Preservation Society of WA (Inc) Our member Peter would be the helpful gent you had a chat with. On his own representing the HTPSWA at Albany as the rest of us were at Toodyay attending the Moondyne Festival. I've included a photo of of two horses and an emu admiring my display.
    Glad you had a great day and wise decision to leave your wallet at home.
    Here's a link to our famous bushranger Moondyne Joe.

    Sorry about hi-jacking your thread Slothy.
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