Bit late to the party but apart from the small stuff likeelastoplaster, splinter needles, tweezers and maybe iodine swab I like I thinkthat if youíre going to need something out of the shed FAK your probable goingto need it for something pretty major like a deep laceration, puncture oramputation or something in your eye and also considering chances are you haveprobable done something to a hand or arm youíre going to be one handed so in myshed I carry (buying) the following and in mho all need to be able to beoperated with one hand and maybe teeth so here is my list. Basically if I needto go into it and not the house one Iíve probable lopped something off or fedsomething I shouldnít have into the saw.
One hand operated tourniquet (got two one hanging near my cabinetsaw area and one in the kit)
Hand held eye washer

Large zip lock bags (large channelled one the small ones arejust too hard to operate single handed)
Instacold pack
Clean towels
Large sealable plastic container (doubles as my FAK box)
Something I donít have but want to buy is a quikclot traumapad or two, these things are great for stopping arterial and venous bleedingand work much faster than just direct pressure alone and I hear are xrayable somakes removal easier. Never used on tho.
Recently had an older mate who was being a little silly Iguess as I canít figure out how he managed it but he ran a circular saw downhis forearm and across his hand and was lucky to survive the loss of blood. As afew people have stated a phone is probable the other key piece if you typicallywork alone.

I hope to hell I never have to use anything more than pointyneedle, superglue works a treat as well.