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    Default Kapex recall

    An update to my comments about my experience with the Kapex recall.
    Briefly : I delivered my machine to local Total Tools centre (Mackay Qld) they sent it on to service agent, I think in Brisbane. After six weeks without hearing anything I began to become concerned. Contacted the people responsible for organising the recall and after some time they advised me that they had tracked my unit and they had ‘escalated ‘ the repair.
    Made a promise to have it returned by a date that I felt was impossible. That proved to be the case. It finally arrived back at Total Tools 2 months after I had delivered it there.
    i am happy to report my Kapex is back in position in my shed and functioning normally.
    Must say that Total Tools Mackay were very helpful.
    i guess we should feel grateful that Festool arranged the recall.
    Hope that everyone else involved with recall for Kapex has had a happy ending.

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    For an organisation aiming their products at professional trades people, that is, to say the least, -poor performance. If you were relying on that tool to earn your living I think you may well be rightly off. Bosch, Makita and Co. will be rubbing their hands with glee if they read this because they just got themselves a few extra stars in their credit ratings. Honest sales people will tell customers about the long wait times for Festool service and the customer will just look elsewhere.

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    I fully agree with Old Hilly.

    It seems like PPP all round:
    • Total Tools should have chased up your "service request" well before you complained after six weeks,
    • Festool's dawdling pace is simply unprofessional.

    Almost as bad as the clowns at Honda who took over two years to fix faulty airbags on my Jazz after a compulsory recall. Their repeated excuse was that "we cannot get any airbags"!

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    Default Kapex

    Thanks for your comments Old Hilly and Graeme Cook.
    i have tried to hold back on my disappointment in this whole affair.
    i guess I am a little too forgiving by nature but I suppose that’s how I am wired.
    However I do have a threshold where I become determined to go into bat so to speak!
    There is a little more to this story that I have resisted making known to the public.
    Suffice to say that when I next decide that I need to add to my collection of ‘must haves’
    i will probably walk past the Festool stand.
    Once again thank you for your comments, I have great respect for the views of senior experienced members on this forum.
    Regards. Bill.

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    Sorry to hear of your experience Bill,but good to hear that you have it back.I put my experience with Total Tools as the one at fault ,they had my saw for a few weeks before it was shipped to Festool .Once Festool got their hands on it ,it was returned to me in the time frame stated in the email I got from Festool at my request for a return time.This was from WA so no short distance similar to Mackay for shipping.
    Personally I have no qualms about the service from Festool,but I do have reservations on their selection of service outlets.My one fault in this was assuming TT would expedite the shipping within an immediate time frame ,I should have followed up with TT and asked within a week of dropping it off whether it had been sent to Festool.

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