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    Default The Yanks just don't get it

    Been doing a lot (in fact a ridiculous amount) of research on Festool products in the last week. It' very interesting to note the the USA market doesn't get the following products:

    Shinex Polishers
    Precisio trim saw
    Kapex 88
    RS 100, 200 & 300 sanders
    Rotex 90 sander
    CMS modules
    T18 + 3 drill (apparently developed for the Oz market)
    Carvex jigsaws (only Trion)
    Much smaller range of vacs (nothing above 36, and no M or H class)
    Planex Sander
    Stirrex (well that's what I call it)
    None of the industrial stuff

    All that strikes me as a bit odd, given the size of our market compared to theirs. However, it would not surprise me at all to learn that Oz has a bigger take-up per head than the USA. Certainly we do with all electronic stuff.

    On the other side of the coin, the American website is actually usable, whereas the website here is........the most frustrating of any website, in any industry, that I have ever used. Try finding the Domino on it, or the headband torch for the Centrotec chuck. If you're persistent enough you might be lucky enough to turn up the Domino, but all you will see of the torch is a picture. No code, no price, no nuttin. And then in the news section there are two reference to the Vac Sys, both of of which lead to different areas. There is also no mention of many of the products that are referred to in the latest campaign brochure.

    Furthermore, the are two ways to go into the shop, and depending on which way you go in, will depend on what products (in a different order) you will see.

    I could go on but I'm sure you get the gist.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    Well, I'm a Yank, here are some of my thoughts. We don't get all of the tools, and the ones we do get arrive here a year or more later than you get them (and we don't have the ProTool brand here.) The upside is we pay less for them. We're expecting some new tools (new to us) this year. The RO90 and Workcenter March first, in June we'll be getting the C12/15, Carvex, T18, the new self cleaning vacs and the Shinex. Also March first we'll be getting a price increase, no official work on how much yet, speculation is as much as 5%.

    In the US market the more main stream brands are deeply entrenched so it's hard for other brands to get establish. This is especially true of a high end brand like Festool. Our market is price point driven, the higher prices of Festool means a large percentage of tradesmen will never even consider buying a Festool. Festool has done a good job gaining market share here in the States but they still have a long way to go before they are commonplace. All of this has been discussed here before so I won't go on.

    The USA website is handled by Festool's Shane Holland. He's a super dedicated guy and he loves his work. He is always finding ways to improve the site. Plus, he's also the moderator of the FOG forum and he's done a great job there too. What I really like about his role on the FOG is he's an outstanding conduit for the members and the company. I've had the pleasure of meeting him and other Festool staff on numerous occasions. There are a very dedicated group of people. Festool USA seems to have a different relationship with their customers than any other branch of Festool and I think that will help the company grow. I'm looking forward to see how things progress for Festool.

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    G'day Brice, I was kind of expecting you to weigh in (the title gotcha dinnit?). Oz has long ben a testing ground for all sorts of things (including the Brit's Nukes). On pricing, it's not just Festool - everything in woodwork is about 40% cheaper for you fellas. Now that our dollar is strong (or is yours weak?) there are many people buying direct, and not caring at all about the freight costs. Funnily enough, Incra gear has just dropped by around 30% here.

    Have a look at and tell us what you think. See if you can find the Domino in the menu without using a search engine.

    Regards, Brett
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