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    Default Bandsaw animals plans - sorry not boxes

    I have just refurbished my old 150mm GMC bandsaw, I removed the 3mm useless blade and replaced with a 6mm ryobi blade and it's like chalk a cheese. I knocked up a quick Giraffe for the daughter to test it out and it works a treat, a bit rough in places, and a lot of sanding needed to get a decent finish but I think I was rushing. Anyway back to the point of this thread. Can anyone throw me some PDF plans of some band saw animals for me to have a crack at, in between waiting for my chair arms to finish drying. And seeing as I now have the saw readily available I can whittle away when ever I please.

    any plans would be brilliant, thank you.

    hopefully this is in the correct thread.


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    Get into the Woodcarving Illustrated forum website (USA). There's a pattern resource section which I have never used. Have heard it's loaded with patterns.


    Hope this link works.

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