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Thread: Spectacles case

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    Default Spectacles case

    Hi all, I am a real bandsaw noob. Made 2 boxes out of ply as warm-ups to anything real. They came out a bit rough, but serviceable. I was thinking about making myself a box for my specs. Could table saw or bandsaw box it. Has anyone done this before? What hinges did you use etc.... dimensions would be different for every pair, but thought I could make a nice 2 tone vic ash and redgum box.... shiny...

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    how about making two halves and using magnets to keep both together?
    Tony Ward
    Bandsaw box maker - Retired

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    my plan is to chop the front and back off a chunk of redgum/vic ash (chopping board offcuts) - bandsaw out the internal shape for the specs. then stick the bottom back on.

    top will have teeny hinges and a magnet as a clasp.

    just need to get enough time to get it done... kids are sucking up my weekends at present

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