At the top of each Post, above Join date, or the bottom line of each Post, under the posters info (depending on which skin you use) you will see this symbol click on it if you ever need to report a post or thread to the Administrators and Moderators.

Some valid reasons to report posts: To have a post edited or in the Market Place have an item marked as sold and thread closed. Also hijacked thread, incorrect forum, duplicated post, spam, , inappropriate adult content, drivel or nonsense posts that detract from the thread, personal attacks, defamatory and slanderous statements, against individuals, businesses, race, religion, politics, blatant or continued or inappropriate advertising by a member in a forum other than Market Place, posts made entirely with large font or capitals, etc.

All reported posts will be given due consideration and dealt with as the moderators deem to be fitting and appropriate. Just because a post is reported doesn't mean any specific action will be taken.

Frivolous and mischievous reporting of posts will not be tolerated and could result in the reporter receiving infractions or reduction of forum privileges.