Hi all,

Hope everyone is staying safe and well in this current climate. While at work, we were talking about the prospect of self isolating in the event of a suspected exposure to Covid-19.

A couple of blokes including myself looked at eachother and immediately thought of 2 weeks of shed time!

I personally couldn't think of a better and more legitimate way of justifying living in my shed for 2 weeks. Wow, think of all the projects you could knock over if you lived in your shed for 2 weeks?!

I'm in no way making light of the people who are seriously ill and have sadly lost their lives to this virus. I worry for the elderly and people like my mum. It's people in this cohort that are most vulnerable and the main reason for self isolating.

PS. I'm not sick and no one I know is either but that will no doubt change soon!

Stay safe everyone.


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