Hi all, given there's a larger number of Aussies here I'm just wondering if anyone has any info or experiences with a lathe that was made in Melb, Collingwood early last century, called the Colltech lathe?

It was made at Collingwood Tech as part of the metalworking course, and appears to be based on the old South Bend lathe from the 30's/40's, but much simpler, no change gears, reverse, etc, but the cast iron frame is almost identical. Just bog standard 3 speed flat belt driven spindle, it does have a leadscrew for the carriage, weighs at least 200kgs I'm guessing, and even has a T-Rest for woodworking. Not a high swing but more than enough for most general work.

The students built these themselves as part of their course, and was apparently a resounding success, with them being part of the war effort for a time.

I have one I plan on restoring when I (finally) finish my workshop, and love it, I think it's a great bit of history, even if my newer lathes beat it hands down. I do love the old gear so I'll be very happy to eventually have this beauty working with a Nova chuck for wood working down the track.

I'd be curious to know how many were made and for how long, and if anyone's dad or granddad was an apprentice at Coll tech and was involved I'm sure there'd be some good memories to share. Or if others have one? I've tried to approach Collingwood Tech but no real response unfortunately.

As I keep telling my kids, just cause it's old, doesn't mean it's no good!

cheers, Ian