Hi guys,

Recently stripped down my Taiwanese generic cabinet saw, with a view to servicing the rise-and-fall mechanism, to discover the larger straight bevel gear, which drives the rise-and-fall spindle, with broken and missing teeth. The original gear seems to be made of cheesy sintered metal, compared to the very solid smaller drive gear attached to the height wheel, which looks like new. Overall, the cabinet saw is a very well built, solid performer, with beautifully machined cast iron top and wings and capable of accepting a 12" blade. she only lacks a properly made large straight bevel gear to make her sing once more. The gear I need is a 50 teeth, 100mm in diameter, 40mm thick central boss, 12mm drive hole with 4mm keyway, in something more solid than sintered metal. Happy to pay all expenses/outlays. Photo included. Very grateful of any help. Regards to all

Gezdog (making electric guitars for future stars)
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