I'm trying to design up a device* to fit on a mill table. My mill is larger than most home mills with a table width of 235mm, so I'm not sure it is the best thing to base a design around. I would like to know what others have got. If you can respond with

  • table width
  • T-slot width
  • T-slot centres

That would help me understand what is out there.

As per the rotary table sizing rule, I don't want to be specifiying a base size that overhangs enough to reduce travel.

*Encouraged by the success of the free vice, I'm trying to knock a few more projects off the 'if only I had something that would hold this' list. This is to make work holding easier for me on those odd occasions but if I'm going to have parts cast, I may as well make them so that they have wide utility.


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