Apologies if this question has already been asked before but a forum search on "oil" returns no results - in fact my forum search appears not to be working at all .

This question is what oil should I use to lubricate my lathe?

I have some old ISO68 hydraulic oil which came from the previous owner of my AL-336D lathe. In anticipation of needing some more oil soon I did some research and found various types of "Way Oil".
I found products like Fuchs Renep Slideway Oil but they are only available in 20lt drums, way too much for my home workshop, 5lt will last me a couple of years at least.

The lathe manual specifies ISO 68 equivalent.

Can I just use any ISO 68 hydraulic oil shown in the attached table?
Is hydraulic oil compatible with water based coolant?
Is hydraulic oil missing the "tackifier" claimed to be in way oil?

What does everyone else use for general slide way lubrication and where do you get it (in less than 20lt)?

I'd very much appreciate your views on this subject.

Thanks for reading my post.

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