A while back I purchased an elderly Dingo (a self-propelled hydraulic pump) for way too much money, and after pouring even more money and hydraulic fluid into it, have it in a reasonably serviceable state. Which brings me to the 4 in 1 bucket that came with it. I've previously posted about de-bending the floor of the bucket, and am now moving on to sorting out the rattly-as-hell pivots.

Turning up some new bushes went reasonably well, apart from the god-awful mess bronze makes on the lathe, but I have one clevis end that is utterly chewed out as per the pic:


I'm thinking if I could work out how get the end off, I could add some weld metal to the inside, chuck it up in the 4-jaw and drill/bore/ream it to size.

Not sure if that's remotely realistic?
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