I have acquired yet another Tough. Pretty much a whim purchase based on the good condition of its pressed metal belt guard.


The drill's table, lunar in appearance, along with only one loose epoxy "fixed" capstan handle. the other two having been sheared off, didn't cause me too much concern because all I really wanted was the guard and the main head casting.

Turns out the Tough changed the head casting from my intermediate pulleyed 12 speed version having a pair of column pinch bolts to a single fixing on the "new" 4 speed drill. The new drill also has a space saving direct mount chuck. So I thought that having a pair of interchangeable quills could prove handy. Handy if pinion wear didn't prevent their interchangeability. The new drill's pinion teeth have been damaged -

IMG_20190531_152101833.jpg IMG_20190531_153213543.jpg IMG_20190531_164330622.jpg

The capstan hub will probably require replacement due to mutilation of the thread where epoxy was optimistically used in an attempt to secure the handle. Removing the mess involved some fanciful clamping -

IMG_20190531_133132196.jpg IMG_20190531_133139487.jpg IMG_20190531_152122435.jpg

So with the background to the query hopefully explained I am wondering what those versed in these things would choose to use as material for a replacement pinion.

I was thinking of 1214 because it would probably be softer than the material F and R Tough used for the quill.

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