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    Default Incra 3000 SE Mitre Gauge Adapted for MiniMax combination machine

    I bought Poloris' mitre guage recently.

    I don't have plans but here are some photos of how I have adapted this for my combination machine.



    I used UHMW plastic to create the piece that the mitre gauge is mounted on as the sliding table slot design is not at all compatible with a standard mitre gauge slot. I tapped the screw holes directly into the UHMW plastic and it is plenty strong enough.

    I'm not concerned about wear as the sliding table does all the travelling. The only wear will be from taking it in an out of the sliding table.

    I fabricated the piece using the saw and a router table with a rebating bit. I could have used the spindle moulder but I decided it was easier with the router table.

    The combination machine as delivered has the usual panel frame and fence which is adjustable for angle but you are just eyeballing the angle against a diagram on the panel frame. Hardly the most accurate angle measurement!

    MiniMax make a more accurate accessory that attaches to the side of the sliding table but it is over $800. I think this is a better outcome than even that accessory, for way less.

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    Hi Mark
    Thanks for the post.
    How do you like your Minimax?

    Can I ask a few questions?

    How do you remove your Incra fence? Your slider seems to have some sort of white extension on the operators end ( photo 2) which appears to stop you sliding the Incra out of the slider slot at that end.
    Secondly how do you stop the HDPE mounting bar from moving along the slider slot?

    I have a strong interest because I want to fit a similar cross cut fence to my new ( second hand ) K3 winner. It came with the large outrigger on the slider but is unwieldy for general crosscutting in my small workshop. I would like to fit a similar Mitre/ cross cut fence to my saw at the operator end for normal use.

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    The hold down clamp (shown in front of the mitre guage) is easily removed to allow the miter guage to slide out of the front of the slot. As you have observed, there is no way to slide this out the back of the table without removing the extension.

    The guage is tight enough in the slot I don't need to worry about it moving about in the slot.

    I am very pleased with my purchase overall. There were some teething problems when the machine was delivered but the local support from Minimax resolved these issues.

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    A straight Incra fence on a Hammer slider for those who might want to do it...

    Incra Crosscut Fence for the Hammer B3 / K3

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