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Thread: I love my LS/TS

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    Default I love my LS/TS

    I've been trying to complete a pine workbench. It's worked out that the numbers aren't nice and I was trying to mark out where the drawer support frames would go and got fed up. So I took some of the boards I'd set aside for the drawer bottoms and trimmed them to 496 mm to space the frames. It was a bit tight, as I knew it would be, but I have an incra. Just tweak the dial, shave off a few thou and retry. And I know every board is exactly the same size. 15 thou later they are a nice tight fit and my frames are in teh exact right positions. Quick and easy.

    Today I spent about 3 1/2 hours cutting dovetails. You will see I've made a few mistakes, but that's my fault not the machine. 23 cuts per corner, 4 corners per drawer, 8 drawers. That's a lot of cut in 3 1/2 hours. Ok so the sides went through 4 at a time but it's still quick and easy. The photo shows my first 2 tests sitting atop the first drawer, the second is in the background. Not perfect but good enough for a first try.

    My machine has done a fair bit of work and there was an inconvenient 4 years of health problems. It got a bit loose and out of square so once I've finished this job I'm going to rebuild it and set it up properly again. Unfortunately my wonder fence has had a hit at some point and the right angle bracket no longer slides evenly along it, so that will need to be put right also. Despite all this I can get reasonable results.

    I noticed watching the video again something I had not previously known. I have an 18" incra T rule and on it's end is a scale. Lay the T rule along your table and you can very accurately set your router bit height with it. It works REALLY well because the rule is long and lays well against the table and not against any local problems with your inserts.
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