Hi All,

I've currently bought a tiny little flat and am looking to knock out a wall or two to turn it from a studio into a one bedder. This is certainly not part of the DIY plan as it's a 1940s building, every wall is about 400mm thick and the flat's on the ground floor with three stories above! I'm looking to get a structural engineer to look at the two options and give an opinion on whether either is possible, rough costs for the engineering work etc.
We've spoken to one engineer who's quoted a fee of $1000 + and additional $200 for certification and also advised that they recommend a site visit (I thought this would be essential!) which would cost an additional $500. So this is $1700 all up for engineering on a job which we only anticipated spending $20,000 on!
This engineer was recommended to us by an architect who thought it would only cost "a few hundered bucks." Does anyone know if this price is realistic and can anyone recommend a structural engineer in the central Melbourne area who they trust + who does good work at a realistic price?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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