Over the weekend I will be erecting athe frame for a 2.4 x 2.4m cubby house that will sit 1.5 meters off the ground on six 100x100 cypress pine posts.

I have read various ways to dig and set the posts, but would like to get some feedback here from people who have done it.

As the posts will sit about 1.5 from the ground and I have relatively soft soil, I will dig the holes about 60-70cm deep. (I assume this will be OK for a simple cubby house on 6 stumps. I doubt it will sink).

Question 1 : Best way to dig the holes? I dont want to go hire an auger so I *was* going to dig with a shovel...... until I thought about it. Probably way too hard. how about a post hole digger? The ones with two handles and two shovel scoops on the ends. Does this simplify the job? How about a hand operated auger? Don;t mind putting a little effort into it, but don't want to break my back at the same time.

Question 2 : How to set into the hole? The guy I bought the timber from suggested using a "fencing method" of digging out the dirt, then mixing the dirt with cement and putting about 6 inches of this mix in the hole. Allow it to set a little, fill up the hole with more dirt (say about 10 inches) then pour in more of the dirt concrete mix, and then fill the rest of the hole up with dirt. He seems to think this will be OK for a cubby house and will save alot on concrete. I've never heard of it.

Question 3: Any special consideration for setting the post considering it is timber?

Question 4 : Best way to make it plumb? I thought about suspending the post so that gravity would do the job. Any other ideas?

I've never done this kind of thing before so any advice would be appreciated.

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