I think this will probably get flagged to the other section but bare with me for a bit, cos this isn't about regulation or rules just good old fashioned safety.

I rewired a customer's light circuits today (whole house), and the first thing the owner told me was that her ex hubby had an AirCon business and had done quite a lot of the home wiring himself. Fine, no prob, now lets look in the roof.
The first thing that struck me was that most of the lighting circuit was done in 2.5mm T&E, bit weird but no drama, The more I disconnected the more problems I came across

Earth cables used as switch wires for a sensor light NOOOOOOOOO

Connections in roof without a j Box

BLACK ACTIVES yes you heard me right, the twin to the switch was wired opposite to normal

Now, as I said, this isn't about why I can do it and he can't , it's just about letting people know that there are situations out there that are dangerous to licensed sparkies and especially to DIYers.

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