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    Default Robust internal bowl tool rest and Vicmarc "S" shaped , a brief reveiw.

    Received my custom Robust internal tool rest in the mail a couple of days ago. The custom bit is the 1 inch dia post and overall height of 12 inches. Here it is (black one) next to a recently aquired custom Vicmarc "S'' shaped one. Both have the hardened steel rod attached to the top.
    The Robust one looks to be better suited to larger bowls as it has more rest poking out from the centre of the post. I really like the flowing curve of it compared to the Vimarcs shape which is more like a straight in the middle with a bend on each end than a true "S" shape.
    I'm not normally a fan of sloping tool rests but the slight angle of this one works well. It is still easy to slide your guiding finger along the rest,
    and at the same time makes the rest good at getting up nice and close with the work.
    The above bowl is 390mm dia x 100 deep. Here is a shot of the "S" shaped one with the same bowl.
    On a smaller bowl, this time 240mm dia and 100 high the Vicmarc one is a much better fit.
    If you were a decent metal worker (I'm not ) then I guess you would be better off making a range of internal tool rests to suit a wide variety of bowl shapes.
    If you are looking at buying one then these are both quality items. On first impression the design of the Robust one is more to my liking. Both rests cost the same amount dollar wise, except the Robust one was in U.S dollars so it was the exchange rate dearer plus postage from the U.S is always a bit of a killer. Glad to have them both and look forward to using them down the track.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artful bodger View Post
    On first impression the design of the Robust one is more to my liking.
    I tend to find that good woodturning gear is made by people who are both good engineers but who are or have been involved themselves with woodturning in some way. Many of them developed their products to solve a problem they themselves were trying to solve as woodturners. Even if they no longer turn regularly they maintain their connections with the woodturning fraternity and have a ready source of expert advice from very experienced turners. The list of tool and accessory makers who fit that criteria is quite long.

    So, no surprise that Brent English (he told he me he learnt some of his woodturning from David Ellsworth) is producing woodturning gear that works well for us turners.

    Such a shame, transport wise, that Australia isn't on the border with the US, along with Canada, but preferably on the equator side... ... however, that still wouldn't solve our exchange rate disadvantage!
    Stay sharp!


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    That is the first picture I have seen showing the slope and angle, of the Robust tool rest.

    A lot of food for thought for me.

    Thanks for showing them and that angle on the Robust in particular.


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    The one by Robo Hippy is angled the same as the Robust, both of them much, much better than the Vicmark.

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    For what its worth, these are converted Woodfast rests, I welded a vicmarc diam post too work really well
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