<!--StartFragment-->Hi everyone,

As I said in my presentation, I am pretty new to woodwork.
After some small projects with wood already treated I am starting now a new project to build a outdoor couch out of pallets.

I already pulled apart all of them and I am now in the process to flatten all the slats.

For this reason I want to buy a thicknesser (that with a sled I will use both as a jointer and as a planer) but being this my first project and considering my (low) experience, I don't want to spend a fortune for it.

I identified two models under $450.

Triton TPT125: https://www.justtools.com.au/triton-...-317mm-tpt125/
Bremen BREPL13: https://sydneytools.com.au/bremen-br...knesser-planer

Do you know any of the two?
Which one would you suggest and why?
Any comment or suggestion is welcome

Thank you all