Hi all,
I'm planning on building a deck in the back yard.
Currently there is very poor quality concrete there and its fall is that water actually runs along the house itself instead of away.
House is Brick veneer on stumps.

Im trying to figure out the best way to fix the scenario before I lay the deck.
Was thinking of perhaps cutting a channel along the house and putting in a channel drain, that would tap into the storm water run off.

Someone has suggested that I pull up the concrete, and just leaver dirt there below the deck.
I'm in bayside in Melbourne, on the Sand Belt, so pretty sure its decent soil for drainage.

Would exposed dirt suffice?
Additionally I could also then add some Agi pipe below the deck that taps into the stormwater and angle the dirt away from the house and towards the agi?

any other suggestions or recommendations?
My concern about the exposed dirt is that in heavy rainfall it could wash away around the foundations?

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