Hello everyone,
I was seeking some help in relation to external window coverings at my house. We have 4 west facing windows (garage, bedroom, bathroom and toilet) which cop a hammering from the setting sun, making the rooms unbearable in the summer months. The bedroom has block out curtains and the bathroom and toilet have blockout internal roller blinds, which have made some difference, but not enough. I've been reading heaps of posts about preventing the sun from hitting the window in the first place, hence my question in relation to external window coverings.

Planting a tree or vine isn't an option as that side of the house has a narrow pathway along it adjacent the neighbours house. The windows are high off the ground, almost to second story level. There's limited, or no access to some of these windows due to their height off the ground, so manual type roller awnings are probably out of the question. Motorised ones would be out of the budget too.

I've spied these type of polycarbonate awnings and the theory sounds good about blocking/limiting the high summer sun and allowing the low winter sun. They also look pretty easy to installand look pretty neat too.


Any thoughts on these ones, good or bad would be appreciated.
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