just about every big job I have had to do here $5k+ where I have needed to get a tradesman in on to do it for various reasons, when ever I call any up they say they will come around but over half never bother to show up or even call to say they wont be coming. quite annoying.
latest one, a $20k guttering job on a 3 story building, I have called up 6 people, 2 have said its beyond their capability, other 4 said they will either come in the next day or two or a week later and will call me before they come. only had 2 people come and 2 people quote.
another job, a $15k tiling job and waterproofing to a walk way, called up around 6 people, 3 came to look, got 2 quotes.
painting job, about $4k, called 4 people one person came.
why don't people ever bother showing up for quoting?? how do they expect to get a job if they don't bother coming??

oh, another thing, outrageous quotes. had a post that was sinking that held up a walkway, a wooden 100x100 post, called 3 people, 3 people came, one quoted $2500, other $1900, the other one said cant quote, need to pull it apart first. I thought these quotes were ridiculous, I did it myself, 3 hours work, $40 worth of parts.

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