Currently we have a Metters no2 wood stove in the kitchen next to the gas stove. We picked up the Metters a few years ago and the wife uses it a few times per month during winter. Makes the best bread!

The decision has been made to move to a better version of the same thing, Rayburn, Wellstood, Godin or some such. Second hand most of these come with a water jacket.

Now... the layout of our place does not lend itself to connecting the solar water heater to the stove. Cathedral ceilings and all that. But, we have just had to replace the 16 year old solar system with a newbie. Thermostat gone and no replacements anywhere...
So I have a 300l copper tank spare. It was a Solarkleen so operated on heat transfer, so can be connected direct to mains pressure.

The Q is is there any point in placing that tank on the roof connected to the new solid fuel stove, and if so how could it work?

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