Browsing the web it does not take long to come across many tales of "lemon" vehicles that are seriously impacting on the lives of the owners.

In the USA car buyers are protected, (quite well I understand, although I'd be happy to hear more) by Lemon Laws, where if the vehicle displays a number of faults at a level of seriousness the manufacturer is required to replace the car.
Here we have no such protection, and are at the mercy of the dealers, that appear to be increasingly displaying real incompetence in vehicle fixing and maintenance. And many times outright dishonesty. My mate walked away from a mechanical career over just this. He could not lie, and therefore could not make his budget over which he would receive bonuses, limiting his ability to earn. As manufacturers are increasing the warranty periods the pressure is on the service departments in the dealerships to find other chargeable items, not covered by the warranty, to make money from. Plus the warranty work only returns around 50% of the dealer labour rates to the dealership.
So...what about if we find a great contract lawyer to draft a contract the dealer principal signs that will afford us protection against a Lemon?
I suggest it would have a list of faults, and a period where if these faults arise a new vehicle must be supplied. We could also cover the rental car costs plus any other ideas from others. May even have a trigger of "time in workshop in a fixed period" = new car.
I'm not in the market for a new car, and am unlikely to be for quite a while, but I feel for those I see on the 'net.
Let's take the initiative and rather than have the dealers call the shots, we do.

So to the reason for the post...I'm happy to do the leg work sourcing a lawyer etc... how many would be interested in "chipping in" say $20.00 so we can create this contract and make it as widely available as possible, free?

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