G'day; wondering if we have any town planning types out there??

I've got a cul de sac block and I'm planning a new carport. Trying to determine my side offset which is relative to the 'road frontage' as per MP 1.2 'Design & Siting Standards'.

Referring to my boundary plan attached; So would you consider my 'road frontage' to be A-B + B-C (16 something metres) or would consider it A-C (14 something metres). This does have significant effect on my side offset (brings me down from 1.5 to 1.3)

I'll be applying for relaxation for the carport next week.

Confident: front boundary relaxation (all my neighbours have been allowed)

Not so Confident: Its 3.4m high to match the existing home. power pole. The front extent of the carport (3.4m high) is 4.0m from a power pole (where the cul de sac's power lines terminate).

Opinions as to my road frontage ? thanks bluehorse
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