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    Default Carbatec and Baladonia Dovetail jigs same?

    Look the same to me

    Anyone try one of these? Is it worth springing for something bigger than 300mm? Vaguely considering making chests which are deeper than 300mm.
    All thoughts gratefully received.

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    My experience with Carbatec vs Timbecon stuff is that they are mostly the same.

    Timbecon often tries to undercut the market by swapping out things where the user may not notice, such as cheaper components, slightly thinner materials. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing for the end user, ultimately depends on your intended usage/preferences.

    In terms of dovetail jigs in general. I've found that unless you're planning on pumping out "factory" looking drawers, boxes and cabinets they are quite gimmicky. Yes they're great it you're batching out stuff, but like finger joints the cheaper jigs often restrict your design choices. The more expensive jigs ie Leigh allows you to do variably spaced dovetails to give you some variation, but youre still restricted by the router bit being used.

    At the end of the day the jig would do what you're after but would def recommend either learning to do by hand or an alternate method such as with a table saw. You'll be pleasantly surprised with how quickly you'll pick up the skill.

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    i dont have the carbatech branded one but essentially the same jig. I also have the dowelmax drill jig and i used to just dovetail the material that was within the 300mm capcacity and then dowel joint them together to make the 600mm panel. If you lign up the spacing so its a consistent looking joint where the boards will be jointed together you woudnt really notice. its a good jig once setup

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