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    Default British Paints stain vs Wattyl Traditional

    Nearly running out of my Wattyl Traditional Golden Oak stain, I went to Bunnings to get another tin only to find they no longer stock Wattyl, only McFeasts. And that the little tins are $30 or thereabouts.

    Anyway, way up on a top shelf such that I had to get one of their little red stools to climb up and reach it, they had some British Paints Oak stain clearing for $4.54, so I thought, what the heck, I'll buy it anyway and see what it's like. I got home and rub a little onto a test piece I had previously rubbed one end with the Wattly stain, and be damned if it didn't look exactly the same! I shot back to Bunnings and grabbed the 3 remaining tins.

    What I noticed then was that Bunnings had only lowered it from $6, whereas I had assumed it to be priced like the Wattyl and McFeast tins at $30+, so it seems to imply that all of the British Paints stains are around $6. Begs the question - why is it so?

    So has anyone had much experience with the British Paints stains? Good? Bad? Ugly? And if they are okay, then what does an additional $25/tin give you with Wattyl and McFeast?

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    Cabots jumped about 30% when Bunny become the sole retailer, so I wouldn't take their pricing as an indication of worth.

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