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    Default finishing merbau deck with floods spa & deck

    Hi I have just finished building a deck with merbau hardwood.
    I have followed instructions from previous threads about using napisan and oxalic acid to remove dirt and tannins from the timber.
    All went well thanks for the advice.
    Now i am ready to finish with flood spa and deck(another great tip i got from the forum) but the problem is that we have copped alot of rain in sydney over the weekend and the timber is soaked.
    I know that i should apply this product while the timber is wet, but my question is should i let it dry out fully then give it a light soaking again or is it possible to finish when the timber is water logged

    any advice would be great.............thanks

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    probably best to let it try out a bit, just to be on the safe side, you dont want to waste all that time and it go wrong!

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