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Thread: Hard wax oil

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    It is cheaper to just use the stuff up than go to the expense and trouble of buying and decanting into special bags! A good incentive to build more!

    Actually, I purchased a smallish tin of the hard wax, and must have used about 25% on the table. It'll get used within the next 3-4 months.

    Regards from Perth

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    Quote Originally Posted by FenceFurniture View Post

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    Hi all
    I have been doing some reno's after the floods up here, did a couple of timber feature walls in Evolution Satin. It is a beautiful finish, very happy with it. I bought the big tin (after reading this), and had plenty left over after the two coats on the walls. It is however, going off very quickly, quite gluggy after a couple of weeks. I bought the bags today in the hope I can save some.
    I have been putting it on the new dining room table, which is a facebook find, the top is 2.4m x 1.2m in Bumpy Satin Ash (so I'm told). The table has changed colour from original (quite golden) to a lovely reddish tinge. It's the table, not the finish, because it didn't darken the Tassie Oak feature walls at all. I re read this thread after two coats with a brush, it's hard to stuff up the finish, I am going to sand to 400 in Abranet next and coat again, then maybe apply final with steel wool.
    Will post photos off my phone soon.

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    Here's a bit of new info on an old thread. I use fairly simple finishes techniques. I go between Feast Watson Wipe On Poly and OSMO PolyX at the moment.

    I needed some more OSMO but couldn't to a place that sells it and didn't have the time to order it online. I found some of the Kaboodle Hardwax Oil at Bunnings and decided to give it a go.

    Fist impressions are that it's thinner than OSMO. It also seems a bit lighter in colour (not as much yellow). It smells similar to OSMO but not quite the same. I sanded a piece of Vic Ash to 240g and rubbed a bit on. I'll have a look in the morning to see how it cures. For the price though, I think I'd stick with buying the OSMO (as a name brand) although the Timbecon Oil looks like it's worth a shot.


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