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    Default HiChem MDF Sealer Clear [# MDFSC4] data sheets??

    anyone help with locating the data sheets?
    went to buy hichem sanding sealer from my usual supplier only to be told "this is the stuff we sell now"
    The sanding sealer is [was] an excellent product and I am loathe to shoot this new stuff all over my expensive job before I find out a little bit about it.

    thanks for any responses
    ray c
    dunno what's more fun, buyin' the tools or usin' em'

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    try this link, you should be able to find the fact sheet on any of their products


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    As a general comment and background I wanted to add I had been using for several years HiChem products; Hiseal Clear which is a clear N/C based sanding sealer that contains zinc stearate to aid with easy sanding followed by Topcoats of Higard clear lacquer which is a precatalised n/c modified material with excellent hardness and resistance. Some months back I was having application issues especially with the topcoat materials which always exhibited sprayability problems that were magnified under cooler application conditions. I switched to Mirotone Mirocat PC 3244 sealer which I found better and due to the higher solids better value that the HiChem material. The Mirocat 3220 PreCat clear topcoat was so much better for application properties again with excellent finish and hardness. I use HVLP spray application with a 1.7mm tip and around 45-50 psi air pressure. I mostly spray hardwood furniture (blackwood) and other items made from Jarrah and Silky Oak.

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