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Thread: Shellawax Cream

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    Default Shellawax Cream

    If applying shellawax cream over an oil, such as danish oil, how do I advise my clients to maintain the finish both for regular maintenance and after minor scratching.

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    Hi Angelica

    I wouldn't be putting Shellawax Cream over Danish Oil if it were me. Especially if the Danish Oil has been properly finished.

    If you do put it over any oil make sure that the surface uf the timber is quite dry and there is no oily residue on the surface before you apply the Cream.

    On bare timber without an oil underneath I would suggest a wipe out with a damp cloth then dry immediately our Traditional Wax can be used for upkeeping the surface and repairing scratches etc.

    If using the Cream in bowls, use it for bowls that are for dry foods like chips, nuts, biscuits, etc. do not use it for salad bowls etc. where there is constant moisture in contact with the bowl. The finish is water resistant, not water proof.

    I would suggest that you might be better using our EEE-Ultra Shine over the Danish Oil rather than the Cream. But if you wish to experiment, don't be put off by me. I say the Cream can be used over most oils. However Shellawax Cream and Danish oil are both finishes in their own right and are probably best left that way.

    Hope this is of some help to you.

    Neil Ellis
    (The U in U-Beaut)

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