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    Default NEW Free Stuff Prize Draws Info/Rules

    Updated April 6th 2018

    Free Stuff Prize Draws will conducted be on a random
    ad-hock basis as and when we have a prize or prizes available.

    Winners will have 3 days to claim their prize.

    To register and be eligible to win you must:

    * Reply to the thread with the words "I'm in." do not enter anything else *

    * If you enter anything other than "
    I'm in." you will be deleted from the draw *

    * The above also applies to entering any signature including yours, Tapatalk, etc.
    DON'T DO IT *

    * Only
    ONE REPLY per person will be accepted *

    * If you reply more than once you will be
    banned from the draw *


    The rules are pretty simple.

    Below is an even more simplified version:
    If you enter your signature or anything other than I'm in your entry will be deleted.

    The following will help you with deleting signatures:

    • To stop your signature from being shown make sure the box next to Show your signature is not checked. This is located directly below the text box where you enter your post.

    • If your post has an automated signature added from your iPhone, Tapatalk, Samsung or any other source, edit the post immediately and manually delete the signature by highlighting it and clicking on delete.

    • Resist the urge to say thank you or anything else other than I'm in.

    Pretty simple rules, but I'll bet there will be a number who just won't be able to follow them. Those who find it impossible to stick to a few really basic rules, will have their entry deleted without notice and
    will be ineligible to win.

    Cheers - Neil
    Last edited by ubeaut; 24th Apr 2018 at 09:30 AM. Reason: To make it even clearer to those who don't seem to get it, just what the rules are and mean.
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