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    Default TIMES - Beginning June 2009


    Information posted MAY 1st 2009
    All draws will from now on be conducted on:
    1st Wednesday of each month.
    Beginning with the first new draw on June 3rd 2009

    Redraws (if needed) will be done the following
    Sunday night after 5:00 pm

    This should give all members a fair chance to claim prizes as it has been drawn to our attention that not everyone has access to a computer during the week.

    Cheers - Neil
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    From now on there will be only one draw per month done on the 1st Wednesday

    However, there could very well be spot draw from time to time, done on a random basis with only a short time to claim the prize and no redraw.

    They could be for anything and done at any time with as little as a few hours to claim and as long as a couple of days.

    These draws will be open to everyone who is registered in a current quarter.

    Cheers - Neil
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